The Thorn of Maradaine
Book Two

A dangerous prankster
A trio of assassins
A deadly vendetta
And only the Thorn can keep the chaos at bay.

The Maradaine Saga continues as the Thorn of Maradaine returns!  New threats come for him on the streets of Aventil and on the University campus. Veranix continues his fight against Fenmere, and draws the attention of greater forces with ill plans for the city xplore the back alleys of the city in this street-level fantasy adventure, the first novel of the Maradaine series.

Veranix Calbert is The Thorn: the street vigilante who became a legend to the people of Maradaine, especially the gangs that run the neighborhood of Aventil. The Thorn continues to harass Willem Fenmere, the drug kingpin of the Dentonhill neighborhood, determined to stop him and the effitte drug trade.

 It’s also Exam Week at the University of Maradaine, where Veranix is a magic student. With his academic career—and future as a mage—riding on his performance, Veranix needs to devote himself entirely to studying and participating in a fellow student’s thesis experiments.

But with a series of dangerous magical pranks plaguing the campus, it becomes clear that there’s someone with a vendetta against the university, and The Thorn may be the only one capable of stopping them. Between the prankster, a war brewing between the Aventil gangs, and the flamboyant assassins Fenmere has hired to kill him, Veranix may end up dead before the week is out.

“Fantasy adventure readers, especially fans of spell-wielding students, will enjoy these lively characters and their high-energy story.” – Publisher’s Weekly

The Alchemy of Chaos
Maresca, Marshall Ryan

The Thorn Of Maradaine: Book Two
by Marshall Ryan Maresca
Adult Fiction
Released February 13, 2023
Paperback ISBN 978-1-958743-14-0
Ebook ISBN 978-1-958743-15-7