The Streets of Maradaine
Book Two

The Rynax Brothers’ quest for revenge leads them to a noble estate to find the secrets buried deep in the house and Asti’s own mind.

The neighborhood of North Seleth has suffered–and not just the Holver Alley Fire. Poverty and marginalization are forcing people out of the neighborhood, and violence on the streets is getting worse. Only the Rynax brothers–Asti and Verci–and their Holver Alley Crew are fighting for the common people. They’ve taken care of the people who actually burned down Holver Alley, but they’re still looking for the moneyed interests behind the fire.

The trail of breadcrumbs leads the crew to Lord Henterman, and they plan to infiltrate the noble’s house on the other side of the city. While the crew tries to penetrate the heart of the house, the worst elements of North Seleth seem to be uniting under a mysterious new leader. With the crew’s attention divided, Asti discovers that the secrets behind the fire, including ones from his past, might be found in Lady Henterman’s wardrobe.

“Maresca again gives us a book that is just a pleasure to sit back, read and enjoy. Have fun with it.” – The Speculative Herald

Lady Henterman's Wardrobe
Maresca, Marshall Ryan

The Streets Of Maradaine: Book Two
by Marshall Ryan Maresca
Adult Fiction
Released February 13, 2023
Paperback ISBN 978-1-958743-18-8
Ebook ISBN 978-1-958743-19-5