The Maradaine Constabulary
Book One

Inspectors Satrine Rainey—a former spy—and Minox Welling—an untrained mage—are two detectives protecting Maradaine from crime, both magical and mundane

The second series of The Maradaine Saga is a police procedural series focusing on two inspectors, ex-spy Satrine Rainey and untrained mage Minox Welling

Satrine Rainey: Former street rat. Ex-spy. Wife and mother who needs to make twenty crowns a week to support her daughters and infirm husband.  To earn that, she forges credentials and fakes her way into a posting as a constabulary Inspector.

Minox Welling: Brilliant Inspector. Uncircled Mage. Outcast of the stationhouse.  Partnered with Satrine because no one else will work with “the jinx”.

Their first case together—the ritualized murder of a Circled mage—brings Satrine back to the streets she grew up on, and forces Minox to confront the politics of mage circles he’s avoided.  As more mages are found dead, Satrine must solve the crime before her secrets catch up with her, and before her partner ends up a target.

A Murder of Mages was another hit for me, a fantastic read from a new talent whose star continues to be on the rise.”– Bibliosanctum

A Murder of Mages
Maresca, Marshall Ryan

The Maradaine Constabulary: Book One
by Marshall Ryan Maresca
Adult Fiction
Released December 5, 2023
Paperback -ISBN 978-1-958743-08-9
Ebook ISBN 978-1-958743-05-8