The Maradaine Elite
Book Two

With rebels and separatists threatening the upcoming elections, Dayne and Jerinne might be the only thing protecting the voice of the people.

The second novel in the Maradaine Elite series blends fast-paced high fantasy and political intrigue.

After saving the Druth Parliament, Dayne Heldrin and Jerinne Fendall find themselves on the margins of the Tarian Order: lauded as heroes in public but scorned and ignored in private, their future in the Order hazy. Dayne’s new assignment further isolates him from the Order, and Jerinne is hazed and bullied at the bottom of the initiate rankings.

It’s election week in the city of Maradaine, celebrating over two centuries of freedom and the foundation of the reunified modern nation, bringing parades, revelry… and protests. A dissident group called The Open Hand–and their mysterious, charismatic leader, Bishop Ret Issendel–seeks to disrupt the Parliament elections with their message of secession and dissolution.

Despite orders to stay out of the public eye, Dayne and Jerinne are drawn into the intrigue of the Open Hand and kept apart by dark powerful conspiracies that brew around them. Dayne and Jerinne must fight for their own principles and protect the will of the people as the election is thrown into chaos.

“I love seeing good-hearted characters who keep true to their moral centers even in a gritty world. Shield of the People is wonderfully emotionally complex while also barreling through fantastically-paced action. Highly recommend!”  – Cass Morris, Author of From Unseen Fire

Shield of the People
Maresca, Marshall Ryan

The Maradaine Elite: Book Two
by Marshall Ryan Maresca
Adult Fiction
Released February 13, 2023
Paperback ISBN 978-1-958743-20-1
Ebook ISBN 978-1-958743-21-8